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Nhat Viet Mineral Company Limited

Bot da – CaCO3, Kaolin, bot Talc and Bentonite are minerals used in Rubber, Paper, Paints Animal Feeds and Fertilizers supplied by Nhat Viet Ltd., with high quality has been our standard for years. For Nhat Viet Ltd., customers want nothing less than quality and stability in every product. We pride ourselves on building and lasting relationships that invariably prove beneficial to our customers, whatever the market. Over years, Nhat Viet Ltd, has proven this with an ever-expanding pool of worldwide contacts which translates into all-around better quality and more competitive price.

On the way of the globalization and in the process of establishing our reputation as well as brand name, we choose to produce from domestic natural resources as our development orientation. We are producing and supplying materials such as Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Dolomite, Limestone, Silica sand, Talcum Powder, Kaolin and Bentonite (API); for Rubber, Glassware, Paints, Toothpaste, Papers, Plastics, Ceramics and Chemicals industries.

Furthermore, we are an importer and a Supplier of transformer oil, steel wiring lubricants from European and Asian manufacturers.

Our progressive management includes a continual upgrading of all our systems punctuated with safety inspections, monitored quality checks and consistent procedure follow-ups. Based on the cutting � edge of technology and the carefully selecting the raw materials, we are confident that our products fully meet the quality requirements of industries for domestic market as well as the global market.

Our products have been specified to conform with International biological and physical standards hanks to the very strict quality control from SGS Vietnam or VINACONTROL. Our well trained staffs inline with modern technical equipments constantly monitor every production stages.

Our mission is to provide our customers high quality products with competitive prices.


Address: 197/24 TL15 St - Thanh Loc Ward - 12 Dist - Ho CHi Minh City
Tel: 08 37 19 78 29 - Fax: 08 37 19 78 41 - Mobile: 0932.500600 Hotline: Mr. Huong : 0913814918 - Mr. Huy: 0903533016
Email: - Website:
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